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Bonnie Jean Ministries
Bonnie Jean is a Miracle! Hear the story of how Bonnie Jean's family is warned about her illness, even before anyone knows there is something wrong. You will hear of how the Lord speaks and has Bonnie Jean's medical care moved to another state. After arriving to the new medical facility and receiving the shocking results of her condition the Lord then gives her family grace and walks them through one battle after another. On top of the shocking news of Bonnie Jean's condition, she also loses her ability to walk, causing her to spend months in a wheelchair with no guarantee that she will ever walk again.

Though Bonnie Jean was told that she may never speak right again, she now dedicates her voice to her Living God. Learn about all of Bonnie Jean's miracles and be blessed by knowing we serve a Living God, the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords!

Bonnie Jean brings Faith, Hope, and Love to everyone that hears her. She has a heart for the unsaved, and the desire to show everyone how to know the Living God. Have Bonnie Jean come visit you, listen to her life-changing testimony and hear her sing. You too will be blessed!

For this was for his glory, and now is the time to Worship Him!
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